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A Jester
of Love
carolina drama
my super haunted house
a journey in three parts
the dangling city
crows everywhere are black
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a jester
of love

A short 8 page comic about finding love at the circus.

Illustrated in the summer and fall of 2023 in Procreate.

From incredibly rough thumbnails, to more refined lineart, to the final artwork with full colour.

A Jester of Love Full Comic

Carolina Drama is a 14 page comic based on the lyrics of the song by the same name written and preformed by the Raconteurs.

The story follows Billy as he discovers hidden truths and stands up for his family.

The song had me hooked the first time I ever heard it; the story and lyrics would repeat itself over and over again in my head as I imagined how this family would look. The lyrics still hold such a mystery that I don't think are meant to make complete sense but nonetheless, I hope that my interpretation creates a thrilling visualization.

The comic was illustrated through January to April, 2021 in Procreate.

From quick and easy thumbnails to final page. Plenty of steps in between, no doubt, but not as well documented.

My Super Haunted House

Aubrey needs to prove to her parents that ghosts are totally real and are haunting their house.

Written and illustrated with a young audience in mind, My super Haunted House explores the whimsy and clear problem solving of a 10 year-old with an active imagination. 

This comic was written and illustrated by myself in the spring of 2021 in Procreate.

Carolina Drama Full Comic
My Super Haunted Houe Full Comic
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A journey told in 3 acts. Very loosely based off of true events.

Click through for the full comic or click on the full spread to zoom in and see the details.

Drawn in Procreate, assembled in Photoshop.

October 2020

A Journey in 3 Acts
A Journey Told in 3 Acts
The Dangling City

3 page comic about the misadventures of 3 young girls who live and explore in a city that hangs from the sky.

Drawn in Procreate in December 2020.